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No.136, Ping Dong Rd. Ping Jen Dist., TaoYuen City, Taiwan

About This School

Founded in 1987, Dong An Elementary School started to enroll the first group of students of 4 classes around 190 two years later in 1989. Today, after 25 year's development, it has grown to be a mid-size school of 32 classes nearly 1000 students in total.

The school is located in the borders of three townships including Ping Jen, Ba De and Da Xi in Tao Yuen County,some 40 kilometers south-western to Taipei City. So the area is the most outskirts of the townships mentioned above. Many new comers moved here from all around the island in the past two decades. Undoubtedly, in its neighboring area, there is a wide variety of residents including Hakka, Min Nan, indigenes, families of retired soldiers from Mainland China, a few Indians and the fast-growing number of foreign brides and care-takers mainly from MainlandChina, Vietnam, Thailand and Indonesia. Therefore, visitors can soak up different people, languages and exotic cuisines, such as Thai food, Yin Nan food and Hakka dishes, just to name a few. Naturally, the campus is mixed with fascinating as well as multi-cultural atmosphere.

The mission of the school is to educate students to grow in a both mentally and physically healthy way, to learn in a care-free environment, to stimulate and develop their potentials and to appreciate and care for others. Moreover, its curriculum focuses on balancing the five phases of education: virtue, intelligence, physical, cooperation and beauty and art in the hope of laying solid foundation of the idealistic Holistic Education.







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 8.  chinese brush

 9.  famous picture

10.  ecological garden

                                                  Address:No. 136,  Pingdung Rd.,  Pingjen Dist., Taoyuan City,  Taiwan  324,  R.O.C.

                                                  Phone:886-3-450-9571   Fax:886-3-450-5133


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